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How To Split 401k In Divorce

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What If An Ira Account Is Not Available

Splitting 401K, Pension or Retirement Plan in a North Carolina Divorce

When other tax-deferred accounts are not available, you may consider using other financial accounts when considering your desired overall outcome. Using accounts with different tax structures may reduce the costs of additional legal documents, however using different account structures becomes more complex due to the fact that you must consider the after-tax value of each account.

As an example, a dollar in a taxable account is worth a dollar if liquidated and spent. On the other hand, a dollar withdrawn from a 401k is treated as income and is taxed at your ordinary income tax rate. In most cases, this means the dollar is worth less than a dollar after taxes. This does not mean you should avoid considering the substitution of other accounts when considering the cost and complexity of dividing a 401k, it simply means you have a few more things to consider in order to achieve the desired overall division of assets.

Can Your Spouse Withdraw Money From A 401 Before Divorce

If your spouse has attained retirement age i.e. 59 ½ years, it means that they can start taking distributions without incurring the 10% penalty tax. If you are worried that your partner will withdraw all or most of their retirement savings to protect them from divorce settlements, you can file a standing order to maintain the status quo during the divorce proceedings.

The court may treat large withdrawals from a 401 account before or during divorce proceedings as an advance of the spouse’s share of the marital property that is due to both parties. Therefore, the court may consider the withdrawals when determining the value of the marital property, and the spouse may be required to reimburse some of the funds withdrawn to meet the divorce settlement.

Dividing A Qualified Plan

Qualified plans have protection from seizure or attachment by creditors and lawsuits, but divorce is one of the few exceptions. Divorce and separation decrees allow the attachment of qualified plan assets by the ex-spouse of the plan owner if the spouse uses a QDRO. This decree divides the plan assets between the owner and their current or ex-spouse, or children or other dependents.

This is a tax-free transaction if it is reported correctly to the courts and the IRA custodians. The receiving spouse can roll QDRO assets into their own qualified plan or into a traditional or Roth IRA.

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Dividing Defined Benefit Plans

Defined benefit plans are pensions. One spouse may have a pension from acting as a civil servant, serving in the military, or being a part of foreign service. Employers contribute a predetermined amount to an employees pension each month based on a special and unique formula, and the employee has access to the account when she goes into retirement. When dividing the value of a pension, courts or spouses may choose to:

  • Divide after valuation. Courts may order, or both spouses may elect, to have the pensions present value calculated by an actuary service. Then, the two parties may choose to incorporate the eligible portion of the pension into the overall value of asset division.
  • Divide at the time of retirement. Additionally, spouses may choose to mutually agree to divide the shares on their own. Then, at the time of retirement, the non-employees share will be paid to him. To do this, the divorcing parties may submit a Qualified Domestic Relations Order to the court, outlining the way in which pension assets will be divided.

Its important to note that if both spouses can agree on a method of distribution, they may choose to divide assets differently than the court wouldto more closely meet their individual needs at the time of divorce.

Create A List Of Assets

How to Protect Your 401k in a Divorce

The easiest way to start is with each spouse creating a list of assets and identifying which spouse should receive the asset once the divorce is finalized. It is natural to have disputes at this stage, but the best results come from working together to find a solution to determine who should get the property.

Transparency is crucial when identifying assets such as retirement accounts, pensions, real estate, bank accounts, insurance policies, vehicles, and anything additional that holds value. If one spouse fails to disclose an asset, whether or not it is intentional, the judge may reopen that case and there may be penalties associated with failing to disclose.

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How Do You Calculate Marital Property In Retirement Accounts

Calculating the marital portion of retirement accounts can be complicated. It depends on the type of account or plan and when contributions went into the account.

When one spouse opened an IRA or started participating in a 401 during the marriage, the entire account balance at the time of divorce is marital property. If a spouse contributed to a retirement plan before getting married, the marital portion of the account would be the difference between its value on the marriage date and its value when the marriage ended .

With defined-benefit plans, you’ll usually need an expert to calculate each spouse’s interest in the pension.

Qualified Domestic Relations Order

Accounts known as 403s and qualified plans such as 401s are split using a Qualified Domestic Relations Order . A QDRO is a court order that will direct the retirement distribution to be split in the future based on an agreed upon percentage or judge order . This can be done without any tax consequences, as long as it relates to a divorce.

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Include The Detailed Agreement In Your Separation Agreement

Make sure that you identify the exact plan name in the agreement. It’s common for companies to have more than one plan available to employees. I cannot tell you how many agreements I’ve seen where the plan name is not correctly identified. If the agreement has the wrong name, it will likely be used in the QDRO, and the plan will reject the document.

Remember to include all the details of your agreement, including who is responsible for the QDRO preparation and its cost, as well as a deadline for completion.

I’ve had several clients contact me years after their divorce settled about their QDROs because there was no specific timeline identified in their agreement and/or there was no person identified as the responsible party. This can lead to a lot of costly problems.

Contact A Peoples Choice

Divorce And Your 401(k). How is it split up? What is a QDRO?

Contact A Peoples Choice for more information about how to divide a 401k in divorce and help with the QDRO process. We can help draft the paperwork needed to divide a 401k account as well as formally join the Plan, if necessary. We offer an easy online interview to get the QDRO process started, making it easy and hassle-free.

It is important not to delay in filing a QDRO when dividing a 401k in a California divorce. Doing so may impact the amount of money a party may receive. It may be important to advice from a financial planner about the tax consequences of dividing a 401k Plan. Request a checklist and/or package of instructions from the plan administrator about their QDRO requirements. Most Plans have specific criteria that must be incorporated into the Qualified Domestic Relations Order for it to be acceptable to the Plan Administrator. Lastly, it is best to sign the QDRO and marital settlement agreement at the same time. At A Peoples Choice, we can prepare your dissolution of marriage paperwork in addition to the QDRO. Contact us for help by calling today at 800-747-2780 or use our convenient online inquiry form.

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What Do You Need To Divide A 401 In A Divorce

As soon as a court finalizes your divorce, the judge must sign and submit a carefully drawn QDRO to your plan administrator. Once your plan administrator approves the QDRO, you can safely move your exs share without facing an early withdrawal penalty if youre younger than age 59.5.

When assets are getting divided up, the IRS doesnt see the transaction as a withdrawal as long as its done under the direction of a QDRO approved by a plan administrator. QDROs can be complex, so make sure you hire an attorney who specializes in this field. A qualified financial advisor can also serve as a valuable resource if youre negotiating with a spouse on how to split assets without the overarching guidance of the court.

Once an approved QDRO lays out how to divide 401 assets, your ex spouse will have a few options as to how he or she gets her share.

California 401k Divorce Distribution

The QDRO will designate the spouse receiving a 401k payout as the alternate payee. The alternate payee can collect his/her share by rolling the 401k proceeds over into his/her own retirement plan. In addition, the alternate payee can choose to leave his/her share intact and receive payments upon his/her former spouses retirement. The alternate payee spouse can also choose to take a lump sum payout. If the alternate payee spouse chooses to take a lump sum payout, they may be subject to a 10% penalty if withdrawn prior to 59.

If both parties to the marriage have a 401k plan, how to divide a 401k in divorce may depend on the individual account balances. The parties may agree to a 50/50 split of each plan. If one partys 401k balance is smaller than the other parties, however, there may be a simpler solution. The parties may agree to offset the community property interest in the smaller plan by simply having the party take a smaller amount of the larger plan. It may also be one of the parties best interest to accept other community property assets in lieu of receiving part of the 401k. The parties may want to get advice from a financial planner prior to determining the best way to divide the retirement accounts.

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How To Keep Your Retirement Assets

During divorce, community property is divided so that each spouse ends up with an approximately even share of the marital estate. Assets in a 401 may be split, or one spouse can keep the entire 401 by conceding other marital property.

One spouse often has larger retirement assets than the other, owing to different career paths or investment choices. If each spouse has a retirement account but the balance of one is significantly higher, the spouse with the smaller account may receive assets from the other spouse.

If you are involved in a high net worth divorce, you and your spouse may have several forms of retirement savings. Properly accounting for these assets is essential to ensuring they are given due consideration during the property division process.

Retirement plans have their own administrative rules stating how and when assets may be withdrawn by or paid to an ex-spouse. In some cases, an ex-spouse cannot be paid until they retire, while in other cases payment can be made before the recipient reaches retirement age. Knowing the rules of your plan empowers you to make smart decisions during settlement negotiations.

One of our focused divorce lawyers can talk through your options and come up with a strategy to exit the marriage with financial confidence.

Things To Know About Splitting Up A 401 In A Divorce

401K in Divorce: A Tip That Can Save You Thousands ...

One of the most difficult aspects of ending a relationship is often figuring out how to divide your assets. While splitting up a checking or savings account may be fairly straightforward, figuring out who gets what with regard to a 401 usually isnt so simple. If your marriage is drawing to a close, there are some basic rules to apply when dividing retirement accounts during a divorce.

Check out our 401 calculator.

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Qualified Domestic Relations Order Defined

A qualified domestic relations order can protect you under these circumstances. A QDRO is a court order, judgment, or decree related to child support, alimony, or property rights. It can also instruct your spouse’s pension plan on how to pay you your share of plan benefits.

A QDRO protects you, and it also ensures that a marital settlement does not allow the funds in the retirement plan to be withdrawn without penalty, and then deposited into the non-employee spouses retirement account . Don’t assume that your rights to retirement assets are covered just because your divorce decree states that you have a right to part of your spouse’s funds.

Keep in mind that QDROs only apply to plans that are IRS tax-qualified and covered by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA. They do not apply to military or government pensions, which are governed by other laws.

Requirements For Dividing Retirement Accounts

It’s critical that you closely follow IRS rules on retirement accounts when you’re dividing these assets in your divorce. Otherwise, you could wind up paying penalties for withdrawing retirement funds too earlyor the account managers might not even honor your settlement agreement.

For employment-related retirement planssuch as 401s and defined-benefit pensionsyou must have what’s known as a “Qualified Domestic Relations Order” to divide the plan in a divorce. . .) It doesn’t matter whether a judge decides how the accounts will be split, or you and your spouse come to an agreement, either on your own or with the aid of mediation. You’ll still need a QDRO .

You don’t need a QDRO to divide an IRA. However, you’ll have to pay taxes on the transfer of IRA funds from one spouse to another unless it meets the requirements for a “transfer of account incident to divorce.” .)This usually isn’t an issue, because the divorce judgment or decree will state that. But you’ll typically need to submit a special form to the bank or investment firm that holds that account, along with a copy of your divorce decree. Ordinarily, couples divide IRA funds by transferring one spouse’s share into another IRA account in that spouse’s name.

If a spouse has been in the U.S. military long enough to qualify for a pension, be aware that there are complex rules that control dividing military pensions.

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How Is An Ira Split In A Divorce

A QDRO is not required to divide the assets in a traditional or Roth IRA, but you must still make sure the split is done pursuant to a court order such that you do not have to pay penalties or taxes.

Your divorce decree must specify that the IRA will be split, including dollar amounts or percentages and the time frame in which it must be completed.

The custodian of the IRA, which is generally a bank, a brokerage or a financial services company, will need a copy of the divorce decree, along with appropriate paperwork to initiate the split.

In anticipation of the split, a destination IRA should already be in place so that the funds can roll over into it.

When an IRA is split between spouses and not done as a trustee-to-trustee transfer, then it is generally considered a taxable event for the IRAs original owner.

This means they would not only pay income taxes on the distribution, but also a 10% early withdrawal fee if they are under 59 ½ years old. There may also be early withdrawal fees at the State level. For instance, in California, the early withdrawal fee is 2.5%. Roth IRAs are treated differently because contributions have already been taxed, but the Roth owner could still face tax or withdrawal penalties depending on their age and how long they have owned the Roth IRA.

Pension plans are separated using a QDRO , but IRAs are separated in a process known as a transfer incident to divorce ).

Create A Property Settlement Agreement

What Happens To 401k/Retirement Accounts In A Divorce?

If both spouses can agree on all aspects of the property and debt division, a property agreement must be created and presented to the judge. This agreement should list each asset and debt, the value, and the owner. If you have any reservations on the result of the property division, consult an attorney before the agreement is signed.

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How Is A 401 Split In A Divorce

Splitting a 401 can be a complex process. During divorce, the court must divide all marital assets between you and your spouse. Some assets are easier to divide than others. Dividing a 401 is an important part of divorce. But it comes with potential tax penalties. Making sure you understand how to complete this process can help you save time and money during your divorce.

How Long Does A Qdro Take

Typically, a QDRO can take anywhere from two months to three months from the time it is drafted to when it is executed. Sometimes, if there are submission errors or if the divorce is final, it can take several more months or years to split the 401 money between the spouses.

When drafting a QDRO, both spouses should involve divorce attorneys to ensure that they comply with all retirement plan requirements. Once both parties agree on the QDRO terms, they must submit it to the court for signature and filing. A certified copy of the signed order is then sent to the 401 plan administrator, who must deem the order as qualified and issue an interpretation letter.

After approval, the funds can take anywhere from two weeks to five weeks to reach the spouse’s account. The spouse can opt to receive part of all of the transfer as a cash distribution, or choose to rollover the 401 into a 401 or IRA.


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