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What Will My 401k Be Worth

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What May My 401 Be Worth

Is a 401k Plan Still WORTH it in 2020?

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How Much To Save For Retirement

Naturally, the next question becomes: how much should a person save for retirement? Simply put, it’s an extremely loaded question with very few definite answers. Similar to the answer to the question of whether to retire or not, it will depend on each person, and factors such as how much income will be needed, entitlement for Social Security retirement benefits, health and life expectancy, personal preferences regarding inheritances, and many other things.

Below are some general guidelines.

Net Worth By Retirement

The average net worth for Americans between the age range of 65 and 74 is $1,066,000. However, the median net worth is $224,000.

For the typical Singaporean, your net worth at Age 65 should be close to $1m, or to be exact, $960,000.

Now, you have to make some final decisions about your lifestyle. Will you move to a smaller, cheaper home to monetize some of your home equity? This might be a possibility if you have not yet hit the $1m net worth target, which we exclude home equity, in the example above.

Realistically, if you have been conscientious in reducing your mortgage payment, your home equity should at least be worth $200k/pax or $400k between you and your spouse. This should reduce your net worth requirement from $960,000 to roughly $760,000.

Based on our calculation, Henry, the typical Singaporean, is expected to spend approx. $51,000 in retirement expenses when he is Age 65 and this figure should continue climbing higher by 3% each year.

Based on a net worth of $960,000, you are essentially withdrawing 5.3% of your net worth per annum. This seems like a relatively high ratio, especially if you wish to benchmark against the popular 4% safe withdrawal rule.

I have written about the 4% safe withdrawal rule on numerous occasions, such as in this article:

How you structure your retirement portfolio next will determine if you are indeed able to retire well.

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How You Invest Your Pension

The calculator also allows you to explore the repercussions of different investment strategies on your pension worth, including those with a higher capacity for risk.

Arrange a virtual coffee with a pension specialist

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Working While Receiving The Cpp Retirement Pension

Is A 401K Worth It Anymore? Why You Should Dump Yours!

Youll qualify for the CPP Post-retirement benefit if you work while receiving your CPP retirement pension while under age 70 and decide to keep making contributions.

Each year you contribute to the CPP will result in an additional post retirement benefit and increase your retirement income. We will automatically pay you this benefit the following year. Youll receive it for the rest of your life.

You can choose to stop your post-retirement contributions when you reach age 65. Your contributions will stop when you reach age 70, even if youre still working. We will contact you if we need more information for you to qualify.

Contributions after age 65

If you work after you turn 65 and don’t yet receive the CPP retirement pension, periods of low earnings before age 65 will be automatically replaced with periods of higher earnings after age 65. This will increase your pension amount.

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Saving For Retirement: Where Are You Now

Whether you plan to live lavishly or frugally, youll need to have a certain amount of money saved by the time you retire. Think of this figure as a mountain summit, reachable by several different paths. If youve done everything right so far, that summit is still in plain view youve followed the most direct and least difficult path, and all you need to do is continue on in the same direction. If, however, your savings arent where they should be, its as if youve wandered in the wrong directionyoull need to recalibrate and start climbing in order to reach the summit.

To determine your current financial coordinates, you need to answer three questions:

  • How much have I saved thus far?
  • How many years until I retire?
  • Whats my annual income ?

The answers to those questions will determine how much work you have to do to reach that mountaintop. If youve saved plenty and youre still young, greatyoure well on your way. If youve saved nothing and your sixties are just around the corner, not so much. Lets check out some examples using our retirement calculator to see how this works in reality.

Simple 401k Calculator Terms & Definitions

  • 401k â a tax-qualified, defined-contribution pension account as defined in subsection 401 of the Internal Revenue Taxation Code.
  • Inflation â the rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising, and, subsequently, purchasing power is falling.
  • Federal Contribution Limit â a specified amount set by the Federal government as to the maximum contribution a person can put into, in this case, their 401k account.
  • Catchup Contribution â an option given to employees who have reached the age of 50 to put additional contributions into their 401k account â this might also be considered to be simply raising your contribution up, not exceeding the maximum contribution limit, in order to better reach a goal.
  • Employer Contribution â the amount employers pay as a match to the contribution of their employees to their 401k account.
  • Compound Interest â when interest is added to the principal of a loan or deposit, so that interest earns interest on a recurring basis.

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The Average 401 Balance By Age

Lets focus on the 401 and what people should have in their 401 by age. The entire goal is to accumulate enough money in your 401 and other retirement accounts to eventually live financially free.

The average 401 balance at the end of 2020 was roughly $120,000. Therefore, what should the 401 savings by age be today? Given the median age in America is about 36 years old, the average 36-year-old should have a 401 balance of around $120,000. Unfortunately, $120,000 is still pretty low.

Below is the average 40k savings by age range as of 4Q2020 according to Fidelity. Its great to see the average 401k savings at retirement age rise to $229,100. However, thats still not enough to live a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

As an educated reader who is logical and believes saving for retirement is a must, Ive proposed a 401 savings by age recommendation table that shows how much each person should have sved in their 401k at age 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, and 65. The amounts are much greater than the average 401k savings by age in America.

We stop at 65 because you are allowed to start withdrawing penalty free from your 401 at age 59 1/2. Meanwhile, I pray to goodness you dont have to work much past 65. By age 65, you will have had 40+ years to save and investment already!

What Is An Employer 401 Match

Millionaire 401k retirement account maxed out for 10 years and worth $600,000

Some companies will also chip in to your 401. This is free money, and, as any financial advisor will tell you, free money is good. Suppose, for example, your employer matched every dollar you contributed with 50 cents, up to 5 percent of your salary. If you make $50,000 and save 5 percent, or $2,500, your employer would pitch in $1,250. Even if you earned nothing on your investments, your employer match would mean a 50 percent gain on your contributions a level that would make hedge-fund managers green with envy.

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What To Consider When Calculating Your 401k Savings

As you consider your 401k savings plan, consider your preferred retirement lifestyle and the age you expect to retire. Having concrete goals over the years will help you better accommodate for retirement savings. Here is a 401k calculator to help you get started on evaluating your retirement savings, followed by what you need to consider as you develop a savings plan.

Taxable Investment Portfolio Is Key

The only thing you can count on is after-tax money youve invested or saved. This is why after maxing out your 401k, its good to open up an after-tax brokerage account. Consistently contribute a percentage of your paycheck each mont into your taxable investment portfolio.

Your goal should be to then build as many passive income streams as possible. The more passive income streams and active income streams you have, the more financially free you will be.

Challenge yourself to raise your after-tax and 401k contribution savings percent to possibly 50%. It wont be easy. But if you practice raising your savings rate by 1% a month until it hurts, youll find it easier than you think.

A straightforward way to maximum savings is to make your 401 maximum contribution automatic. Save every other paycheck for the rest of your working life.

Max out your 401k and save over 50% of your after-tax income for at least 10 years in a row. If you do, you will be financially free to do whatever you want!

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Using This Retirement Calculator

  • First, enter your current age, income, savings balance and how much you save toward retirement each month. Thats enough to get a snapshot of where you stand. The calculator assumes increases in salary and inflation.

  • Want to customize your results? Expanding the Optional settings lets you add what you expect to receive from Social Security, adjust your spending level in retirement, change your expected retirement age and more.

  • Hover over or tap on the color bars in your results panel to get further insight into where you stand.

  • You can adjust your inputs to see how various actions, like saving more or planning to retire later, might affect your retirement picture.

K Benefits: How Does 401k Work

Are 401ks/IRAs good for the investor? Is a 401k worth it ...

Employers can offer 401k as a job benefit. They can also match your contributions. For example, for each dollar you put into account, they give you 50 cents. Matching is the major advantage of 401k.

Another asset is the deferred tax – the contributions are deducted from your gross pay, so you don’t pay tax on it until you withdraw it.

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You’d Be Surprised At How Much Your Savings Can Grow Over Time Here’s How To Estimate Your 401’s Eventual Value

The average Social Security check will only suffice in replacing about 40% of the typical worker’s pre-retirement income. Because most retirees will require 70% to 80% of their previous income to pay their senior living expenses, and some might need even more replacement income, relying on Social Security alone is a bad idea. Rather, you should aim to save independently for retirement, which means contributing to a 401 if your employer offers one.

The benefit of saving for retirement with a 401 is twofold. First, your contributions are made with pre-tax dollars, which means instant tax savings up front. Additionally, the money in your 401 gets to grow on a tax-deferred basis until retirement, which means you won’t pay capital gains taxes on your investments year after year. It’s this benefit, in fact, that allows countless savers to turn relatively small contributions into a much larger sum over time.

Knowing what your 401 will be worth in retirement can help you determine whether you’ll have enough income to pay your bills, or whether you’ll need to start saving more during your working years. Thankfully, we have a helpful tool for running the numbers and seeing how your savings stack up.

How Much Do You Have Saved For Retirement

Savings of this amount sound like a hurdle, but keep in mind that with regular 401k contributions, a 401k employer match and compound interest, your savings can ramp up quickly over the years. To help you maximize your savings, ask your HR department about your plans fees. High 401k fees can eat away thousands of dollars over the years leading up to your retirement.

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Other Sources Of Retirement Income

Home Equity and Real Estate

For some people in certain scenarios, preexisting mortgages and ownership of real estate can be liquidated for disposable income during retirement through a reverse mortgage. A reverse mortgage is just as it is aptly named â a reversing of a mortgage where at the end , ownership of the house is transferred to whoever bought the reverse mortgage. In other words, retirees are paid to live in their homes until a fixed point in the future, where ownership of the home is finally transferred.


A common way to receive income in retirement is through the use of an annuity, which is a fixed sum of periodic cash flows typically distributed for the rest of an annuitant’s life. There are two types of annuities: immediate and deferred. Immediate annuities are upfront premiums paid which release payments from the principal starting as early as the next month. Deferred annuities are annuities with two phases. The first phase is the accumulation or deferral phase, during which a person contributes money to the account . The second phase is the distribution, or annuitization phase, during which a person will receive periodic payments until death. For more information, it may be worth checking out our Annuity Calculator or Annuity Payout Calculator to determine whether annuities could be a viable option for your retirement.

Passive Income


Could You Invest Just 2 Percent More

401k Millionaire – What They Won’t Tell You About Retirement Planning and Investing In Your 20s

Use this calculator to see how much more you could accumulate in your employer retirement plan over time by increasing the amount that you contribute from each paycheck. Even 2 percent more from your pay could make a big difference. Enter information about your current situation, your current and proposed new contribution rate, anticipated pay increases and how long the money might be invested, as well as your own assumptions about the growth rate of your investments, and see the difference for yourself*. For additional information, see How to use the Contribution Calculator.

*This calculator is intended to serve as an educational tool, not investment advice. It enables you to enter hypothetical data. The variables you choose are not meant to reflect the performance of any security or current economic conditions. The examples are intended for illustrative purposes only and are not a prediction of investment results.

Calculations are based on the values entered into the calculator and do not take into account any limits imposed by IRS or plan rules. Also, the calculations assume a steady rate of contribution for the number of years invested that is entered.

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Canadian Retirement Income Calculator

The Canadian Retirement Income Calculator will provide you with retirement income information. This includes the Old Age Security pension and Canada Pension Plan retirement benefits. To estimate your retirement incomes from various sources, you will need to work through a series of modules. You will then need to compare them to your goal income. It also allows you to see the impact of the changes you make in how you save.

If you are married or living in a common-law relationship, you must each use the calculator separately and compare your results to understand your overall situation. It is also important for couples to know how a partner’s death or the end of the relationship could affect their financial situation.

The calculator’s results are estimates. You should not use them for financial planning.

The calculator does not collect personal information or identifiers.

Average 401k Balance At Age 22

The average 401k balance at ages 22-24 is actually pretty impressive, and indicates that young people using the Personal Capital Dashboard are taking their retirement savings seriously. When youre in your early 20s, if youve paid down any high-interest debt, endeavor to save as much as you can into your 401k. The earlier you start, the better. As you can see from the potential savings chart, compounding interest is no joke.

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