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Does A Solo 401k Need An Ein

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Is A Solo 401k Required To Have A Separate Ein

How to Get A EIN for Your Solo 401k

| March 5, 2021

Yes. The solo 401k is classified as a retirement trust, which is an entity that is separate from your operating business. You probably already have an EIN for your business, but you will need an EIN for the 401k trust itself. When you open a bank or brokerage account for the 401k the institutions will need this EIN.

Benefits Of Getting An Ein

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An employer identification number also known as an EIN or business tax ID is a unique nine-digit number that you use when filing taxes for your business. An EIN also helps you register a business entity, obtain a business loan, open a business bank account and much more. An EIN is as important for your company as a Social Security number is in your personal life.

For some businesses, an EIN is a tax requirement. Getting an EIN is optional for other businesses, but theres good reason to get one anyway. In fact, there are some distinct advantages you stand to gain by applying for an EIN. And the good news is that applying for an EIN is free and takes just minutes.

Learn when an EIN is required and when its optional, how to get one and the primary benefits of getting an EIN.

Who Must File Form 5500

File a 5500-EZ if your Solo 401k had more than $250,000 in total assets during the previous calendar year or if last year was the final year of your plan. If you have less than $250,000 in plan assets, you dont need to file the 5500-EZ. However, some account holders file the form no matter what to start the clock on statute of limitations for an audit.

If last year was the FINAL year of your Solo 401k , you MUST file a 5500-EZ. File 5500-EZ even if you had less than $250,000 in total plan assets.

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How Does A Solo 401 Work

As a reminder, a Solo 401 plan is nothing more than an individual retirement plan for self-employed people or small businesses without any employees. Also, remember that a Solo 401 is nothing more than a vessel youll use to save for retirement. You still have to choose the investments youll use within your account to build wealth.

The biggest benefit of this account is the fact that individuals who use it can contribute considerably more than they can with a traditional 401 plan, which in turn helps these individuals save more for retirement and reduce their taxable income.

As an employer, one of the main features of a Solo 401 is that youll need to determine what your actual income is to determine your maximum employer contribution, which can be up to 25% of your compensation. According to the IRS, your compensation is earned income, defined as net earnings from self-employment after deducting one-half of your self-employment tax and contributions for yourself. But once again, this depends on the business structure for your company.

Solo 401 participants can open their account with any brokerage firm they want, although online providers have become extremely popular due to the fact you can get started at home and on your own time, and often with access to an array of helpful investing tools and resources. Online brokerage firms also tend to come with low costs overall, which is another reason investors seek them out.

What Are The Potential Tax Benefits Of A Solo 401

EIN Number for Solo 401k Retirement Trust

One of the potential benefits of a Solo 401 is the flexibility to choose when you want to deal with your tax obligation. In a Solo 401 plan all contributions you make as the “employer” will be tax-deductible to your business with any earnings growing tax-deferred until withdrawn. But for contributions you make as an “employee” you have more flexibility. Typically, your employee “deferral” contributions reduce your personal taxable income for the year and can grow tax-deferred, with distributions in retirement taxed as ordinary income. Or you can make some or all of your employee deferral contributions as a Roth Solo 401 plan contribution. These Roth Solo 401 employee contributions do not reduce your current taxable income, but your distributions in retirement are usually tax-free. Generally speaking, there are tax penalties for withdrawals from a Solo 401 before 59 1/2 so be sure to know the specifics of your plan.

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More Time And Few Forms To File

Your Solo 401k retirement plan is tax deferred. Therefore, it doesnt file a tax return. There is often no direct filing requirement for your Solo 401k. Only after the Solo 401k Plan balance exceeds $250,000 in assets , is there a simple filing requirement for IRS form 5500-EZ. Was your Solo 401k balance was less than $250,000 on December 31, 2019? If so, you do not need to IRS Form 5500 EZ .

There are little or no filing requirements for your Solo 401k. However, you still need to understand the implications of being self-employed. One benefit is maximizing the tax-exempt contributions to your small business retirement account.

By the time your financial sophistication reaches this level, you likely have a CPA preparing your taxes. Or you might use a payroll company. But if you enjoy digging into the numbers and knowing that youve maximized your tax deduction, here is what you need to know about claiming both of your Solo 401k contributions on your tax return.

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  • * $250 participant fee

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Part Ii Basic Plan Information

1a) Enter the name of the plan as it appears on the EIN letter from the IRS:

ABC Consulting 401 Trust

1b) Enter the numbers 001 for this year and every years future fillings use the same number. Note if this plan will be amending an existing solo 401 Plan, you will need to include the appropriate 3 digit code , which can be found in the plan Adoption Agreement.

1c) The date the plan became effective is found in Section One of your Adoption Agreement.

2a) Enter the name of the Adopting Employer:

ABC Consulting LLCdba or c/o if applicable1234 Ginger Street Family, FL

2b) Enter the Adopting Employer EIN XX-XXXXXXX no SS#. If plan is under a Sole Proprietor, YOU MUST OBTAIN AN EIN FROM THE IRS by completing the online application: Apply for an EIN

Alternatively, you can acquire an EIN by preparing and faxing the Form SS-4 to the IRS at I-800-829-3676 then call 1-800-829-4933 to receive your EIN by phone. The EIN is issued immediately once the application information is validated.

2c) Enter the Adopting Employer telephone number: 888-888-8888.

2d) Enter the 6 digit applicable code XXXXXX that best describes the nature of the plan sponsors business from the list of principal business activity codes included at the end of the instructions provided here.

3a) Enter the Plan Administrator information OPTIONAL. If preparer is the same as above, enter the same information.

3b) Enter and repeat the same EIN XX-XXXXXXX number as listed in 2b.

Is Solo 401 Tax Deductible Solo 401 Tax Advantages

How to Set Up a Solo 401k Plan [Walkthrough]

The nice thing about a solo 401 is you get to pick your tax advantage: You can opt for the traditional 401, under which contributions reduce your income in the year they are made. In that case, distributions in retirement will be taxed as ordinary income. The alternative is the Roth solo 401, which offers no initial tax break but allows you to take distributions in retirement tax-free.

In general, a Roth is a better option if you expect your income to be higher in retirement. If you think your income will go down in retirement, opt for the tax break today with a traditional 401.

Because of these tax perks, the IRS has pretty strict rules about when you can tap the money you put into either type of account: With few exceptions, youll pay taxes and penalties on any distributions before age 59 ½.

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Why Might You Need An Ein

You may need to obtain an EIN for a number of reasons, including business, estate, or trust banking, and hiring employees. Businesses also need EINs when they are required to file employment tax returns excise tax returns or alcohol, tobacco, and firearms returns. The following are reasons why you may need an EIN:

  • Banking and finance In many cases, banks and credit unions require a valid EIN in order to open a bank account for any type of business, an estate, or non-grantor trusts. Having an EIN may also be helpful for a business seeking to obtain financing or working capital.
  • Employees If you are hiring employees , you will need an EIN. This is the number the IRS will use to track your payroll tax remittances. Business owners establishing a form of business other than a sole proprietorship will also need an EIN, regardless of whether or not the business will have any employees. Your EIN will be used to track your business income taxes.
  • Self-employed retirement plans A self-employed person who decides to establish a Keogh or Solo 401 plan will need to obtain an EIN in order to facilitate those types of plans federal tax treatment.
  • Situations where sole proprietors may need an EIN Sole proprietors who are filing for bankruptcy for their business will need an EIN, as will those who purchase or inherit an existing business that they intend to run as a sole proprietorship going forward.

Speed Up Business Loan Applications

You can speed up the process of applying for a business loan if you have an EIN. Most lenders dont explicitly require one. As long you have any necessary business permits or licenses and are legally qualified to do business, you can apply for the loan.

The catch is that many lenders require applicants to have a business bank account with a certain number of deposits. This is to ensure that you have a place to receive the loan funds and make periodic loan payments. To get a business bank account, you often need an EIN.

In addition, some lenders, including SBA lenders, check business credit when evaluating your loan application. Having an EIN helps you build business credit, without which you might not be eligible for the loan .

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Can I Use My Social Security Number Instead Of An Ein

In some cases, you can use your Social Security number instead of an EIN, but using an EIN provides a level of personal protection against identity theft. An EIN separates your personal finances from your business finances. Once you have an EIN, you dont have to provide your Social Security number to clients or vendors who you do business with. In the case of foreign nationals starting businesses in the U.S., an EIN can come in handy when applying for a business credit card or opening a business bank account before they get a Social Security number.

What Is A 401k Plan Administrator

EIN Number for Solo 401k Retirement Trust

An administrator is the individual or entity who handles the administration of an employer-sponsored plan like the 401k. The 401k administrator is often hired by the 401k plan sponsor to handle the day to day activities and reporting of the 401k plan.

With a Solo 401k plan, your business it the plan sponsor. Therefore, your business can choose who will be the Solo 401k plan administrator. To keep record-keeping clean and easy, and to cut the fat of extra costs, most Solo 401k accountholders will act as their own Solo 401k plan administrator.

A 401k plan administrator will often handle the plan contributions, distributions, and other aspects of plan paperwork. This leaves the trustee to handle the investments. With the Solo 401k plan, it is common for the same person to act as 401k administrator and 401k trustee.

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Important Distinction For Claiming Contributions

Important note: you do not report the employee portion of the Solo 401k contribution on Schedule C. The purpose of Schedule C is calculating your business expenses before determining your earned income from the business.

For pass-through businesses, the employee and employer portion of the Solo 401k contribution is reported on line 15 of Schedule 1. There is a direct connection from Schedule C to Schedule 1. For example, you report business from Schedule C on line 3 of Schedule 1. Then, as part of the Schedule 1 calculation, the employer contribution to your Solo 401k becomes part of your adjusted income. Afterward, that is subtracted out of your taxable income. Finally, report adjusted income on line 8a of Schedule 1 on your 1040 form .

Ein Number For Solo 401k Retirement Trust

Now that the solo 401 plan documents have been drafted and provided for your signature, the next step is to obtain the employer identification number for the solo 401 retirement trust.

Obtaining the EIN for the solo 401 plan is covered in our setup fee however, we will need your social security number in order to obtain the EIN. Therefore, if you prefer to obtain the EIN yourself, you can do so in a matter of minutes via the IRS website.

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When Is An Ein Unnecessary

While EINs are necessary for corporations and partnerships, most sole proprietorships actually do not need them.

Similarly, single-member LLCs do not need EINs either, unless the LLC is required to file excise tax returns or employment tax returns. When an EIN is not required, the LLC is said to be a disregarded entity because the business income and expenses are reported on the sole owners tax returns, so a separate tax return is not necessary.

Although trusts is one of the common types of entities that obtain EINs, you will probably not need an EIN if you have created a revocable living trust. That is because these types of trusts typically use the grantors Social Security Number during his or her lifetime. When the grantor dies, his or her revocable living trust will become irrevocable and will require an EIN at that time.

Contribution Limit As An Employer

2021 Solo 401k Plan Establishment/Adoption Deadline – When do I need to setup a Solo 401k?

Wearing the employer hat, you can contribute up to 25% of your compensation.

The total contribution limit for a solo 401 as both employer and employee is $58,000 for 2021, and $61,000 in 2022 or 25% of your adjusted gross income, whichever is lower.

People ages 50 and above can add an extra $6,500 a year as a “catch-up contribution.”

In other words, in 2021 you can contribute a total of $58,000 along with a $6,500 catch-up contribution if applicable for a maximum of $64,500 for the year.

You can have a solo 401 even if you’re moonlighting. If you have a 401 plan at both jobs, the total employee contribution limits must be within the maximum for the year, but the employer contribution is not limited. If you’re one of these lucky folks with two retirement savings plans, talk to a tax adviser to make sure you follow the IRS rules.

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Solo 401k When You Have Self

January 27, 2014Keywords: Backdoor Roth, self employment, solo 401k

In order to pay minimal taxes when you do a backdoor Roth, you should have no balance in any other traditional, SEP or SIMPLE IRA. If you have a large balance in those accounts, you can rollover the money into an employer-sponsored plan such as a 401k or a 403b before you do the backdoor Roth.

When your employer plan has poor investment options, theres an alternative: set up a solo 401k for yourself. Then you can rollover your traditional, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA to your own solo 401k.

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    Contributing To A Solo 401k

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